Graduation Requirements

There is one graduation plan approved by the State of Texas and Texans Can Academies. The State of Texas Foundation High School Program requires a total of 22 credits. At Texans Can Academies, every student is expected to earn 26 credits and graduate on the Foundation High School Program with an endorsement.

Note: Admission to a college or university is not based on the graduation but on the requirements for the particular college or university. College or university admission may also be based on grade point average, class rank, scores on college entrance exams, involvement in school and community activities, and/or other criteria deemed relevant by the university admission policy.


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State Assessment Requirements


Beginning with students who first enroll in ninth grade in the 2011-12 school year, the State of Texas will replace the TAKS testing requirement with State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness End of Course (STAAR EOC) testing. 

Students must pass five STAAR EOC assessments to graduate from high school:
- Algebra I
- Biology
- English I
- English II
- U.S. History

Beginning in the Fall of 2009 for all students:
Students will receive credit at the end of each term for each course regardless if the course is a semester course or a full year course (comprised of two semesters.)

For full year courses, the two terms course averages can be averaged together to earn the full credit (1.0) under the following procedures: The two terms are averaged together AND The average of the two terms courses is 70% or greater.

Sample One: Term I : English I (a) grade earned — 67% Term II: English I (b) grade earned — 75% Student will earn a 1.0 credit for English 1


Each student at Texans Can Academies can request to their Counselor/Advisor a copy of their graduation status checklist. This document will help each student to learn what items are missing and completed towards to graduation.
An example of the document can be found clicking here


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- Credit Recovery Handbook – Student Guide - Download
- Edgenuity Student Guide - Download
- Edgenuity Grades and Weights Download
- Edgenuity Scope And Sequence: Coming Soon






Social Studies


Foreign Languages

Algebra IA English I A Biology A Economics Art I A Chinese 1
Algebra I B  English I B Biology B Government Art I B Chinese 2
Algebra II A English II A Chemistry A US History A Business Information Management (BIM) Chinese I
Algebra II B English II B Chemistry B US History B Career Preparation A Chinese II
Geometry A English III A Env. Systems A World Geography A Career Preparation B French 1
Geometry B English III B Env. Systems B World Geography B Communication Applications  French 2
Math Models A English IV A Integrated Physics and Chemistry  World History A Contemporary Health French I
Math Models B English IV B   World History B Earth and Space Science A French II
Pre Calculus A       Earth and Space Science B
Pre-Calculus B       Foundations of Personal Fitness A French III
        Foundations of Personal Fitness B German 1
        Medical Terminology A German 2
        Medical Terminology B German I
        Principles of Business Marketing and Finance German II
        Principles of Health Science A
        Principles of Health Science B Latin 1
        Principles of Information Technology Latin 2
        Psychology Latin I
          Latin II
          Spanish 1
          Spanish 2
          Spanish I
          Spanish II
          Spanish III
          Latin II

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