iCAN Return at Texans Can Academies


Beginning August 2021, Texans Can students have the opportunity for in person learning.
All campuses are open for in person learning for all students.

Our COVID protocols are to ensure we keep all students and staff safe for learning.

City Opening 
Austin (In-person)
Dallas (In-person)
Fort Worth (In-person)
Houston (In-person)
San Antonio (In-person)
San Antonio Highlands (In-person)

Texans Can is looking forward to the 2021-22 school year and beyond in planning and preparing for our students’ futures.  We are committed to do everything we can to reopen our campuses as we believe doing so is in the best interests of our students, their families, and our communities.  Texans Can, we recognize, must accordingly adopt a variety of options for reopening campuses safely with the health and well-being of our entire community in mind.

The iCAN Return guide has been updated on the assumption that vaccines will continue to be available for adults as well as school-age children. While COVID-19 protocols and requirements for the 2021-22 school year have not been finalized as of this writing, Texans Can will follow guidance from both the Texas Education Agency recommendations from public health experts. Texans Can plans to reopen campuses for in-person learning in August 2021. In accordance with Governor Greg Abbott’s mask Executive Order, effective June 5, 2021, masks will become optional at all district buildings, campuses, programs, events, and activities.

We will continue to respond rapidly to circumstances within our school community as well as to conditions across the state of Texas.  In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, some schools may require closures with little advance warning. This means that Texans Can, staff, students and parents must be prepared to quickly move between learning models designed to fit a variety of circumstances and situations. 


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