Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent\'s Message

Texans Can Academies is first and foremost about Hope. Every day, we see what reignited Hope can do for a child’s life. We see the need, and the promise. Our students have struggled—some of them for years—in traditional school settings, and they began to believe that school, and all it can bring, wasn’t for them.

Things don’t start that way.

When I taught second graders, I would ask my students what they wanted to be when they grew up. All of them, at tender ages of seven and eight, had wonderful ideas. No one ever told me, “I’m going to drop out of school.” But, when life gets in the way, those dreams they were so passionate about as children start to get clouded, and the Hope they had of ever achieving them starts to vanish.

That’s why Texans Can exists. 

For years, we have specialized in meeting students for whom life got in the way, and whose Hope was nearly gone. When students meet us for the first time, many of them overage for their grade level, the most important thing we can do is to create Hope in them again, because they’re going to need it to achieve the dreams they either lost or simply stopped having. Every member of our staff recognizes our students’ dreams and that they have underachieved in relation to their potential. 

So, we start them dreaming again. Our students begin to see a path to graduation is real. They see how reading proficiency is within their grasp. They connect with the power of their minds to start thinking on levels higher than they’ve ever imagined.  They believe school, and all it can bring, is for them.

That’s how Hope begins.

Texans Can is designed to be a Hope-stoking community. We are intentional about our flexible four-hour schedules, our small class sizes, our teachers’ and student advocates’ ability to know their students personally, our community partnerships that connect students with food, clothes, or even counseling if they need it, and our expanding pathways to college and careers. Our staff, our teachers, and our mentors are ready to have conversations with students where new, life-changing ideas meet our students, sparking and fanning new desires.

The world is a bigger, more wonderful place again.

Finally, we believe the Hope our students find here at Texans Can is the Hope we all can have for our communities. When we invest in the education and skills of our young people, who need our wisdom, our guidance, and our encouragement, we can be hopeful that they will find confidence, go on to make wise decisions, raise happy families, and start cycles of success that we all can celebrate and enjoy.

It’s why we reignite Hope every day.


James J. Ponce, Ed. D
Texans Can Academies


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