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10 Ways for High School Students to Spend Spring Break

10 Ways for High School Students to Spend Spring Break

March 08, 2019

Use Spring Break to Get Ahead

Take some time to relax during spring break – but don’t spend all of it hanging out with friends and watching Netflix, experts advise. In just a few hours a day, high school students can use the following 10 tips to build the skills they need to be stronger college applicants and excel in college.

1. Create a College Application Timeline

High school juniors who lay out a detailed application plan that includes test dates and deadlines for applications and scholarships can alleviate some of the stress that comes with admissions season, experts say.
Seniors can start prepping for their freshman year.

2. Go on a College Tour

If you haven’t started visiting any of the schools on your college application list, take advantage of the time off and start visiting. Take notes and talk to mix of faculty and students to make the most out of the experience, experts say.

3. Volunteer

Students can give back to their communities and boost their college applications through volunteering. Sites like can help students find local service opportunities.

4. Apply for Scholarships

Look for scholarships with spring deadlines and map out the deadlines for other future scholarship opportunities to find ways to raise money for college during the break.

5. Build Study Habits

College will be more academically challenging than high school, but teens can learn the skills that will help them excel in college now.

6. Prep for the SAT or ACT

You shouldn’t spend your entire break working, but putting aside a couple of hours each morning can help students prepare for the SAT and ACT, experts say. Students can treat themselves after they’ve gotten a little work done.

7. Prepare for Exams

By now, students know which exams they’re going to take, but teens can spend some time reviewing internal assessments and working on study guides, experts say.

8. Put in Extra Hours at Work

Now is the time to start looking for summer jobs, experts say. Use your break to apply for jobs or put in a few more hours at your current job to save money for college.

9. Shadow a Professional

Out-of-school experiences like job shadowing and service projects are a helpful way to help students pick a major, experts say. Look for opportunities to get hands-on experience in a field that interests you.

10. Practice the Basics

Are you comfortable using public transportation, cooking your own meals and managing money? If not, spend some time during your break working on some of the life skills that you’ll need in college.




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