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Students Learn from Accelerated Curriculum at San Antonio Can High School

Students Learn from Accelerated Curriculum at San Antonio Can High School

August 28, 2017

A school in San Antonio is offering a second chance to students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting.

Student Brenden Silva, 19, was forced to grow up at an early age.

Silva said he grew up holding anger. After dropping out of high school, he never imagined his life would turn around.

“The biggest difference I see is coming to (San Antonio) Can is like a new family,” he said.

San Antonio Can High School is giving students like Silva another chance.

Instructional coach Cassio Silva has worked at the school for four years and said its curriculum is based on reading and thinking skills.

“We find out students coming into us with educational gaps from not being in school, struggling in some years, doing well in others, moving from school to school,” Cassio Silva said.

The instructional coach said students at San Antonio Can have to catch up sometimes.

“We do have an accelerated curriculum, where we are able to do two years in one, so we really can catch our students up on their knowledge and prepare them for a better future,” he said. “Within probably about a year of being here, we really want to be a student from anger to become a student who is showing leadership.”

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