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Texans Can Academies Honors Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week, Thanks Dallas Holocaust Museum and Friend Nate Levine

Texans Can Academies Honors Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week, Thanks Dallas Holocaust Museum and Friend Nate Levine

January 27, 2021

With Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week here this January 25-29, 2021, Texans Can Academies is committed to ensuring that students recognize and reflect on the gravity of this time in history and that they be given the opportunity to discuss their personal experiences with intolerance from others.

Leading Texans Can’s Holocaust curriculum is experienced educator Sara Rivera, who heard the call for human rights education from Texans Can’s leadership and who recognized the talent in Texans Can’s social studies teachers. “We have excellent social studies teachers,” Rivera said. She was “amazed” at the commitment each displayed as they helped students appreciate the role of upstanders, those who intervene in the face of evil at great risk to themselves. Many of the resources Texans Can teachers use, she said, come from the “wealth” available through the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

A major supporter of Texans Can’s recent approach to Holocaust education is philanthropist and advocate Nate Levine. Along with his wife, Ann, Levine has been honored by the museum through its Ann and Nate Levine Family Center for Education for his dedication to advancing human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference, as well as for his strong commitment to education.

Since 2018, Levine has acted as docent to the students of Texans Can, and has helped to aid Texans Can teachers in all five of its major communities to attend online training to strengthen their Holocaust curriculum. Scholarships have also been granted to cover bus and train fees for Texans Can students to tour the museum. Rivera recalled how one of the special projects created by two Texans Can students in the style of an Anne Frank diary remains a personal treasure of Levine, who displayed it at the opening of the museum’s new building. Texans Can is grateful to Mr. Levine for the deeply personal interest he has taken in the education of Texans Can students.

Rivera said she’s learned much since she assumed charge of the school’s Holocaust curriculum. “A lot of our students are immigrants,” she said, who appreciate both the “push” and “pull” factors that lead people to migrate from one place to another. The stories and experiences many Texans Can students have, she noted, prepare them to connect well with the themes the museum endeavors to communicate. In the future, Rivera hopes to expand the curriculum beyond social studies to include readings that might be guided by Texans Can’s English department.

The Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week was established last year to bring awareness of the Holocaust and other genocides to Texas students, educators, and the general public by ensuring availability of resources, and in doing so imbue in individuals a sense of responsibility to prevent future atrocities and uphold human value.


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