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Myreon Jackson is graduating a year early from high school. He never thought that was possible. School had always been a struggle for him. His attention span was short and large classes in public school just added to the distractions. In high school, Myreon had a severe skipping problem. He had given up on himself. Read More


If you happen to be the oldest in your family, it’s likely you’ve heard someone tell you to set a good example for your younger siblings. Unfortunately, Ismael’s older brother didn’t set that good example for him. From the day he was born, Ismael lived with his mom and dad, but his parents never got along. Read More


How do you go from living life on the edge and not caring about consequences to thinking twice about everything you do, how it will affect your life and the lives of those around you? Juan will tell you it’s because he couldn’t break his mother’s heart and because of Dallas Can Academy. From as early as Pre-K, Juan fought every day of his life. Read More


At age sixteen Kimberly lost her dad unexpectedly. It was absolutely devastating. She was emotionally paralyzed for an entire year. One day as she thought about her dad, it hit her that he wouldn’t want her sitting around doing nothing. She tried to go back to school, but when she went to re-enroll they had no idea what to do with her. Read More


The only thing Mariano could depend on in life was his mother’s love. His mom and step-dad immigrated to the United States when he was one. What appeared to some as a loving home was an abusive one. Mariano’s step-dad tortured his wife psychologically and took out his anger on Mariano, beating him up and playing head games regularly. Read More


Marquin came to Dallas Can Academy a year ago after getting kicked out of public school. That shattered his mother’s dreams. She had the highest hopes for Marquin. He was a decent kid who wanted to make his mom proud. Then in high school, it all fell apart. Teenage insecurity and the desire to belong pulled at him. Read More


Just two weeks after his nineteenth birthday, Gabriel Gutierrez had a tumor removed from his body. Read More


My name is Kaya and I am a Texans Can Academy alumna. Read More


Paola grew up in a traditional home. Both of her parents supported her ambitions, and she was the perfect daughter – until she started to surround herself with the wrong crowd. Read More


Though my life has balanced out now, it has not always been one that is comfortable. Read More


“All my life, I’ve had people tell me ‘you’re not going to be anything, look at your family, no one has done anything. That’s going to be you too. Read More


Beginning my first year of high school through what was supposed to be my junior year, I had no priorities or motivation to go to school. I would give up on myself even though I would always hear from the teachers that I was more than capable of attending college. Read More


“If I never came to Texans Can, I would have been dead,” Read More


All my life I have had to overcome problems that I thought would never happen to me. I was born with asthma, and my little brother was born with Downs Syndrome. Read More


“I was 12-years-old when I had a knife put to my throat because I didn’t want to do things my boyfriend wanted me to do. Read More


Angelica Celis Soto believes in giving thanks. A 2002 graduate of the Dallas Can Academy Oak Cliff campus, Angelica recently submitted a heartfelt letter of gratitude to her past Dallas Can Academy teachers and counselors via the school’s website. Read More


At the age of 12, Kim’s mother loaded the family car with a few belongings and her four children leaving McAllen, TX and a failed marriage to the past. Read More


When Eddie grew up with his mother, brother, and sister, a regular family meal was a tortilla with salt for seasoning. Read More


Imagine growing up not knowing where you would get your next meal from or where you would be able to sleep safely each night. It’s unimaginable for most of us. But it was reality for Hillary. Read More


In the wake of molestation and abuse Virginia remains grateful. Read More


Her father was an aggressive alcoholic who beat his wife and children on a daily basis. Read More


Christian and his father have known many closed doors. Read More


She was bullied and sexually harassed. She wanted to tell someone, but was too ashamed. So she often considered suicide as her only solution. Read More


Like many students, Roxana had failed the English portion of the STAAR test. Read More


Lillith’s parents were never married, and neither one of them was in a position to assume responsibility for her. Her dad’s parents raised her, and they are the only parents she has ever known. She is happy, outspoken, and has a bright sense of humor. Her grandfather is stern which comes from the time he spent in the Air Force. Read More


John was brought up in a turbulent family, so in many ways the path he followed is not unexpected. His mom had lupus and bone cancer from the time he was very young. To make matters worse, as far back as John can remember his dad abused his mom and all of the kids. No one escaped his wrath. The family owned a restaurant and worked hard. Read More


Samson’s dad had always been his inspiration. He came here at eighteen and learned English very quickly. He got a job at HEB, which is where he met Samson’s mom. His dad’s hard work paid off and at twenty-six, he became a manager at HEB. Today he is a store manager at Sam’s Club. Read More


Sean Fulayter’s story is both humbling and inspiring. Sean comes to us from Michigan after overcoming unbelievable obstacles. He was born in Flint, Michigan on July 21, 1993 and is 17 years-old. Sean’s parents split before he was born and he never knew his father. He lived with his mother and grandmother for most of his childhood. Read More


With her innocent and open spirit you would never suspect Samantha came from such a volatile upbringing. Her mom was in and out of prison, so Samantha lived wherever she could find a bed. One minute her grandma had custody, the next minute her controlling mom lured her back to a dreadful existence. Read More


Imagine having seven siblings, two parents, and not living with any of them. There isn’t any explanation that would make that all right, but that was Cecilia’s reality. Her mom and dad haven’t been in her life since she was little. Her grandma provided food and shelter for her, but not much more. Read More


When Lexia was six, her mom was murdered by a friend. Since Lexia’s dad was in jail, her grandparents were given custody. “My grandpa has been like my dad my whole life,” said Lexia with a sparkle in her eyes. Even though her grandparents loved her and took good care of her, Lexia had huge issues with anger and depression. Read More


Getting her high school diploma is a big deal for Shakota. She will be the first in her family to graduate from high school. Shakota didn’t have any problems academically until she reached the tenth grade. Even then her problems were relatively simple to fix, once she had people who looked beyond the girl sitting in the classroom. Read More


Latisha explained that her extended family reminded her of the Huxtables. When everyone got together there was nothing but laughter. Not so for her immediate family. Although her mom was solid, there was a wall between them that still exists today. Her dad, at his best, was unpredictable and irresponsible. Read More


Jose Morales didn’t grow up in a “Leave It To Beaver” family, but he had it better than most in his neighborhood. He was loved and his parents made enough money to give their six kids what they needed. “My older brothers and sisters were good role models too, but I didn’t always follow their examples,” he admitted. Read More


It is safe to say Jordan never focused on school. He hung out with his friends and played football and basketball. His friends, however, were not exactly ones that his mom approved of. Jordan said, “When it came to school, I was in my own little world and on my own schedule. I didn’t know credits were so serious. Read More


As you talk to Theo you can see his mind at work. This young man has always focused on being successful and he has a plan. His drive and enthusiasm may, in part, be because he is the oldest in his family. He is eighteen and lives on his own but he visits his parents from time to time. Theo’s mom always felt education was important. Read More


Tiffany is calm, serene, wise and strong-minded like her parents. Her parents never graduated from high school, so they were determined to see their eight children get their diplomas. Five kids have graduated already. Tiffany will be the sixth. Read More


To start out I’ll explain where I’m coming from. I was born in Arkansas on May 1992, and spent the next 9 years of my life moving from state to state and many towns in between. Read More


Jasmine is the baby in her family. She has two older brothers and one sister. Her recollection of her parents is hazy. Her dad died when she was young. After that, her mom wasn’t around at all. “I’m sure mom was depressed about my dad, but that didn’t help us out at all, “she said. Growing up, Jasmine might as well have been invisible. Read More


There was a time when Ana didn’t have much hope for what her future might hold. Her days were filled with severe bouts of depression, sadness and even thoughts of suicide. Read More


Shawn’s mom was a single parent who raised five children alone. “My mom was independent; she was an evangelist and just a strong all around human being. Anyone with problems came to my mom,” he said. She always made sure Shawn and his brothers and sisters had what they needed. Read More


A lot of people say having a strong man around is important to boys growing up. Prince Green knows it’s true. He respected his mom, but he ran all over her and she let him get away with a lot. All Prince remembers about his dad is that he sold drugs and was in and out of jail as far back as he can remember. Seventh grade was the worst. Read More


Precious has a very simple goal in life. “I want to have a happy home,” she said. It’s not that she didn’t have a happy home. She just wants to make sure her daughter feels loved as she did growing up, but has a little more stability. Read More


Patricia lives with her mom, her little brother and sister and her daughter Analy. Not a typical scenario for an eighteen year old, but not unusual for many of the kids at Fort Worth Can Academy. Patricia actually had a relatively uneventful childhood. She liked school growing up, had some good friends and worked from the time she was sixteen. Read More


“I have big expectations for my life. I want to get involved in government so that I can make a difference in people’s lives… maybe be mayor or something like that,” said Louis. These are the dreams that Louis has for himself and he overcame tremendous adversity to get to this point. Read More


The first thing Immanuel said to me when we started talking was that he had a good life growing up. As he started telling me about it, the word “good” was not what came to mind. Immanuel spent the first nine years of his life living with his mom and sister. His mom was strung out on drugs most of the time, so they were left to fend for themselves. Read More


The Marquez sisters (Anna, Axa and Naara) came to the United States with their mom and her boyfriend when they were very young. Ana is shy and funny. Naara has common sense, and is very kind. And Axa was described as the daydreamer. Her sisters said she was always in her own little world. These three have several things in common. Read More


Most of Kim’s childhood was clouded by severe depression caused by physical and psychological abuse she suffered as a young girl. In elementary school, she was barely passing with Cs. People knew her as the class clown, which was her attempt to hide her scars. She was also placed in the special education program. Read More


I can honestly say that San Antonio Can was one of the most life changing times in my life. Read More


Tenni Nicholson was only two when her dad died, but her mom never stopped reminding Tenni how much he loved her. Growing up, she and her sister were inseparable from their mom. The unthinkable happened when Tenni was seven. Her mom died from a diabetic stroke, which both she and her sister witnessed. Read More


What do you do when you are nineteen, a single mother of three with a ninth grade education and no job prospects? Sounds like a challenge that most people wouldn’t be able to handle. Not so for Ruth Silva. With the help of her family and Dallas Can Academy, she found a candle to light her way. Read More


From high school dropout to high school graduate, Ignacio is now on his way to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Read More


Venicio grew up in a tight family. His sisters were grown and no longer at home. His dad was a roofer, so he was gone a lot and his mom was on the road working too. That left Venicio at home alone or on the streets with his friends. He was hard headed like most teenage boys, and was kicked out of several high schools for fighting. Read More


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