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The Marquez sisters (Anna, Axa and Naara) came to the United States with their mom and her boyfriend when they were very young. Ana is shy and funny. Naara has common sense, and is very kind. And Axa was described as the daydreamer. Her sisters said she was always in her own little world. These three have several things in common. They are all smart, they love boxing and they stick together no matter what.

In their younger years, life was pretty normal. It wasn’t until middle school and high school that issues arose. After being caught several times for fighting and skipping school, they developed a reputation among the school administrators as troublemakers. This made school even less appealing. They also started banging heads with their mom, like typical teenagers. Despite their behavior, they never lost sight of the fact that education was important. They just lost their way. They got into drinking, drugs and gangs, which eventually led to running away. As the girls said, “We didn’t move in with boyfriends, just with friends down the street. After that we really started appreciating our mom.” She let the girls suffer the consequences of their actions. They admit they are grateful for that now. Unfortunately, when the schools didn’t want to deal with them anymore, they had no options for high school until a friend told them about Fort Worth Can Academy.

The sisters agreed it was a relief to be at a school with no drama and the right priorities. They added, “We consider it a privilege to have come here and wouldn’t have missed this opportunity. The teachers love what they do, the advisors help us plan our futures, and everyone cares.” These girls never had difficulties with academics. Their grades were outstanding and passing TAKS was easy. They will all graduate together. Anna, the youngest, will be graduating before she turns sixteen.

Anna wants to be an astronomer or a lawyer. Her dad is a lawyer and her mom also wanted to be a lawyer. “I want to fulfill her dream,” she confides. Naara is considering modeling or being a reporter. And Axa is also thinking about law and business. Whether one of these girls ends up a lawyer or not, there is no doubt that they will have fulfilled their mom’s dream for them. She is very proud of what all three of them have achieved.


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