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It is safe to say Jordan never focused on school. He hung out with his friends and played football and basketball. His friends, however, were not exactly ones that his mom approved of. Jordan said, “When it came to school, I was in my own little world and on my own schedule. I didn’t know credits were so serious.” At one point in high school he just stopped going to school. Two of his good friends had been killed. These were guys he had known since elementary school. “I just couldn’t go into that school any more. There were too many painful memories,” he recalled.

Jordan was falling further and further behind and one day he was caught in a brawl. According to Jordan, he was just an innocent bystander. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter what he said. The principal expelled him and he was forced to look for another school. His friends’ deaths continued to tear him up inside. “My mom was on me so hard because she knew school was important. She graduated from high school and expected me to do the same. She pushed me until I enrolled at Houston Can Academy and I’m glad she did,” he confided.

When Jordan started at Houston Can Academy, his mind was still stuck on his friends who had died. He explained, “I was in a world of hurt. My advisor, Mr. Mays, talked to me man to man.” He knew Jordan was carrying around something pretty heavy. He sympathized with him, but told him that life goes on. At the same time, Jordan found out he was going to be a dad. “Being with my girl during pregnancy with those mood swings and all was no picnic,” he joked. When he realized he was going to be a dad he knew he had to change. His daughter, Jordai, is ten months old and she entered his life at a pivotal moment.

Jordan came out of his fog and got to work. He acknowledged, “Classes at Houston Can Academy were easy if you put your mind to it. The teachers were cool and they encouraged you to work hard.” He knew he couldn’t pass up this chance to get his diploma. Jordan isn’t sure what he wants to do when he graduates, but he is thinking of going to a community college. His mom is very proud of him and people at Houston Can Academy are too. He got the “See You At the Top” award for rising to the challenges of school and life. It meant a lot to him. “I know I have to work hard so my little girl is proud of me and so she has the opportunity to do whatever she wants in life,” he said with determination.


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