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Myreon Jackson is graduating a year early from high school. He never thought that was possible. School had always been a struggle for him. His attention span was short and large classes in public school just added to the distractions. In high school, Myreon had a severe skipping problem. He had given up on himself. He had no confidence that he could succeed in school. “I wanted to quit and just be done with it, but mom kept pushing me to stay in school. We decided together to look for a new school,” he said. Myreon’s search led him to Dallas Can Academy.

The school orientation was intimidating. Myreon thought Dallas Can Academy was like a prison. They had zero tolerance for everything. Kids were on alert, and they knew they could get dropped in an instant. After being at the school for a few weeks, Myreon agreed the discipline was there for a good reason. Students were well behaved in class and in the hallways. Myreon admitted, “I started to feel like graduating wasn’t impossible. I could tell the advisors had confidence in me. They knew everything about me. At Dallas Can Academy, you bond with your teacher. Your teacher will break the material down for you until you get it. It’s not like public school where kids can’t concentrate and they feel like just a number.”

Myreon wishes he had come to Dallas Can Academy sooner. He said, “They prove to you that you don’t need eight hours of school to get something accomplished. Four hours is enough to get what you need accomplished and you enjoy being here. There is too much wasted time in public school.” Most of Myreon’s friends dropped out of school. When he tells people about this school most of them come. And, when he sees them in the Winner’s Circle he said he’s so pumped.
Dallas Can Academy helped Myreon graduate ahead of schedule and he passed all four TAKs tests the first time. “That felt so good,” he remarked. Myreon is applying to colleges now. He wants to go to school for commercial music. He loves rap and he’s a very creative person. There is no stopping Myreon now.


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