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Patricia lives with her mom, her little brother and sister and her daughter Analy. Not a typical scenario for an eighteen year old, but not unusual for many of the kids at Fort Worth Can Academy.

Patricia actually had a relatively uneventful childhood. She liked school growing up, had some good friends and worked from the time she was sixteen. In high school, however, Patricia started skipping school and talked incessantly in class. She wasn’t involved in gangs, violence or drugs. She just happened to have a boyfriend who distracted her from things that mattered most like school. Her mom thought her skipping was all because of her boyfriend, so she kept moving her to different high schools to get away from him. When she realized that wasn’t working, she joined his parents and agreed to let them live together. They decided the two needed to see what life would be like on their own. Their hope was that the situation wouldn’t last long, but the two lived together for three years and had a child in the process.” In the end, I saw that the relationship wasn’t healthy for me. I went back to live with my mom, but Analy’s father is still involved in her life,” Patricia said.

Patricia went to several public high schools, then a self-paced charter school and finally to Fort Worth Can Academy. She liked it as soon as she got there. The teachers explained things to her and the kids who stayed there made it and cared about their future. Patricia was grateful she had the support from her teachers and advisors when she had her daughter. It alleviated a lot of pressure and enabled her to keep focusing on her future.

When she graduates Patricia wants to go to college to become a nurse or a sonogram technician. It’s something she’s been interested in since she was a child. Patricia shared this piece of advice with me,” Kids who come to Fort Worth Can Academy need to understand they are not here for other people, they are here for themselves. They are here to make a difference in their future.” Fort Worth Can Academy has made a difference not only in Patricia’s life, but in Analy’s life as well.


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