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Samson’s dad had always been his inspiration. He came here at eighteen and learned English very quickly. He got a job at HEB, which is where he met Samson’s mom. His dad’s hard work paid off and at twenty-six, he became a manager at HEB. Today he is a store manager at Sam’s Club. Samson’s dad always found a way to get the money he needed for his family. If he had to mow lawns or do some other kind of manual labor on the side, he did. His dad was always his best friend, even during tough times, and gave him lots of advice growing up.

Samson did well through middle school. He got straight As and participated in after school sports. Freshman year of high school, he was introduced to lots of new kids. Most of them weren’t exactly the best role models. They skipped school to go eat and hang out. Samson thought they were cool, so he followed the crowd. When he received a truancy notice things changed rapidly. He had to go to court and his parents had to pay a fine. They were not happy, and Samson lost all his privileges and had to make up lost credits in summer school. Sophomore year, Samson intended to clean up his act, but one day he was lured to a fellow student’s house to smoke weed. “It sounded like fun at the time, but I got hooked and started skipping school again.” His real friends suddenly stopped talking to him and he decided to clean up his act. Samson got his first job and loved having his own money.

Samson wanted to be able to work and go to school, but that wasn’t easy at his public school. His sister had come to San Antonio Can High School to catch up after having been out sick for some time. He knew they could help him do the same thing, and give him a flexible schedule so he could work too. Samson was worried about the kinds of kids there, but it didn’t take him long to see that the bad apples wouldn’t survive. As for the teachers, they made learning fun. He loved math, science and history. Samson went to school for a full year at San Antonio Can High School while he was working at HEB. “When it was time to re-enroll, I decided to work full time. That was fine with my parents because they just wanted me to do something constructive,” he said.

After two years, Samson knew he wanted more for himself. He figured out he needed an education to have a better life, so he went back to San Antonio Can High School. Samson took both morning and evening sessions, so he could get his diploma as soon as possible. Samson has decided to attend college and study computer science. He also has a terrific internship at Silver Eagle Distributors in the information systems department. It looks like Samson is following in his father’s footsteps. He is incredibly driven and he has his faith. Samson is determined to do something that no one in his family has done… graduate from college.


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