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Beginning my first year of high school through what was supposed to be my junior year, I had no priorities or motivation to go to school. I would give up on myself even though I would always hear from the teachers that I was more than capable of attending college.

My grades would be good and my work was always on time, but I would just never find a way to make it to school on time, or at all for that matter. There were high points in my life where I would manage to get a whole semester worth of credits, but then because of petty problems by the next term things would take a turn for the worst.

The last time I dropped out of high school was in November of 2008. I distinctly remember this because it was due to my pregnancy, mainly the morning sickness. I was always throwing up. My whole pregnancy was really hard on me. I was constantly admitted into the hospital because of dehydration, and I had morning sickness up until the time I delivered my daughter.

Once I had my baby, my world changed dramatically. She opened my eyes and because of her I have matured a lot. I started to think about all the things I could do to better my daughter’s life. I began to realize how important higher education was, especially for the well being of my family. I would see my daughter’s father get rejected for jobs because he had no higher than a ninth grade education. Employers that require high school diplomas wouldn’t even give him a chance. For a while he was working at temporary agencies and it was a struggle to get by with the baby and all of our expenses.

I thought about getting a GED and then I thought; Why not go back to Austin Can! Academy, a place that would believe in me even when I had given up on myself, the school where the teachers knew I could become something more than just a high school dropout? I decided to give it a try, and I was able to enroll and start right away.

As soon as I decided to come back to school to give my daughter a better, more financially secure future, my prayers were answered and my daughter’s father was offered a job getting paid pretty well. The only bad thing about the job is it is very hard work. I don’t want him to work that hard for the rest of his life. Since way before I was pregnant my daughter’s dad had been working to get all the things we needed. He has been working extra hard since the baby has been here and now I think it will be good for us if I let him stay home with the baby while I pursue a career. I’m hoping once I graduate I can find a great job with good benefits and I can also start going to college. That will give my daughter and her father a whole lot of time together and it will also give him the opportunity to get his high school diploma or a GED. I am graduating in January 2011, and thanks to my wonderful family, life couldn’t be going any better right now.


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