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“If I never came to Texans Can, I would have been dead,” said Trinity, senior at Texans Can Academies. “The path I was on before I came here was… I know I wouldn’t have seen the age of 18.”

Trinity is from a single-mother home with seven brothers—all from different dads.

Life slowly began to wear her down with recurring familial issues and health problems. She soon realized she didn’t have enough credits to graduate.

The world became too much to handle, so she dropped out.

“Life was a pain for me. Society dragged me down, especially at my old school. All the he-said-she-said drama, and the school system there didn’t work for me,” said Trinity. “Teachers didn’t care; they just wanted you in and out. The way my mindset was back then, I couldn’t take all of the negativity at once.”

But despite all her distress, it didn’t take long for Trinity to decide that she needed to enroll back in school.

“My little brothers motivated me to keep going. I didn’t want them to think ‘oh, my sister didn’t graduate, so I don’t have to.’ I don’t want them to follow in my footsteps. I needed to be better for them.”

“I’m the only girl—the oldest too—so I have to set a good example and be the first to go to college. I want to show them there is good in life. I learned that at Texans Can.”

Trinity noticed a huge difference in the school’s approach as soon as she started.

“Teachers at my old school had no faith in me. But at Texans Can Academy, they pushed me to do better not just in school, but in life,” she said. “Here it’s smaller; it’s different. There are shorter classes, and teachers actually sit with you and make sure you learn. It’s a good school where you can get the extra help you need. It’s where other schools fail.”

Life finally didn’t feel like a burden to her anymore. Trinity was learning to thrive.

“My advisor, Mr. Armendarez, basically became my second dad because he’s like a parent at school that I don’t even have at home,” Trinity said. “He’s made a big difference in my life. When I first got here I didn’t like it. There were uniforms, it was strict, and I didn’t appreciate authority—but Mr. A never gave up on me.”

Having an advisor while attending school has made a huge impact on Trinity.

“He [Mr. Armendarez] would say, ‘I believe you can do this. Forget what everyone else says. You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.’ If it wasn’t for him I don’t know where I would be.”

“Having someone encourage me is something I never usually hear,” said Trinity. “It made me realize I could make it in life.”

When asked about referring Texans Can to other students who are struggling in school, Trinity did not hesitate.

“I definitely recommend Texans Can to anybody, especially if you want to graduate early and get your career started. They have colleges come here—before you even graduate they make you do FAFSA and apply for colleges.”

“Texans Can pushes you that extra step to make sure you have a plan after graduation versus in regular high school they say: ‘alright you graduated. Good luck. You’re on your own.’”

With graduation around the corner, Trinity is ready to embark on a new journey while making a difference.

“I want to major in social work, do criminal justice, then work in a detention center. I know I have a troubled past, so I want to help kids get through that too.”

“Texans Can was my only option after I dropped out,” she said. “It was the best decision I ever made.”


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