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Venicio grew up in a tight family. His sisters were grown and no longer at home. His dad was a roofer, so he was gone a lot and his mom was on the road working too. That left Venicio at home alone or on the streets with his friends. He was hard headed like most teenage boys, and was kicked out of several high schools for fighting.
“I was hanging around a bunch of rotten apples,” he said. Just as his mother had feared, he ended up in jail several times for fighting and selling pot. This should have been a wake-up call, but it only seemed to provoke him more. When Venicio ran out of schools that would take him, a friend told him about San Antonio Can High School. He really didn’t want to enroll, but he had no choice.

The principal thought he was trouble from the start. One day a cop accused Venicio of fighting in the parking lot. It was a case of mistaken identity, but he was kicked out anyway. At that point his dad told him to forget about graduating and get a GED and start working with him.That’s exactly what he did, but deep down he hadn’t given up on graduating. After about a year, he decided to give San Antonio Can High School one more try. This time he and the principal buried the hatchet. Venicio was willing to do whatever it took because he knew he could learn a lot from the teachers. He even tucked in his shirt.

The event that changed Venicio’s outlook was becoming a dad.He said, “It was a life-changer for me. I went from chilling with the homeboys to taking care of my little man.I didn’t hang out in the streets any more. And, when guys said let’s go kick it and go smoke, I said no way.” San Antonio Can High School helped Venicio and Savannah get through the pregnancy, stay in school and plan their future.And, they are blessed to be living with his mom and dad. They both love being parents. Venicio said he couldn’t have asked for a better mom for his son. Now Venicio knows he has to get his act together and finish school.

Even though San Antonio Can High School has on-site childcare, Venicio and Savannah want to take care of their son themselves. Savannah will go to school in the morning and Venicio will go to school in the afternoon. “My dad told me you can make money any time but you can’t make up for not being there those first few months”, he said. Before the baby, Venicio’s dad wanted him to forget school. Now he’s telling him he needs a career. It sounds like this baby has been a life changer for Venicio’s dad too.

Venicio and Savannah both want to go to college. Venicio wants to get into airplane mechanics and Savannah wants to be a registered nurse.Achieving those goals may be more difficult for them as parents, but they respect each other and know their families and the staff at San Antonio Can High School will do whatever it takes to help them, as long as they do their part


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