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Today You Give. Tomorrow They Thrive.


In the past two years alone, Texans Can Academies has graduated over 2,200 students who may not have graduated otherwise. For them, life’s setbacks, including academic struggles and economic pressures, had conspired to push them away from school. When they came to Texans Can to finish their education, they did so when the choice for them was not easy.

COVID-19 has already claimed so much. Now, it may claim the untold potential of hundreds of students in our communities. With resources like food, hygiene products, emergency funds, and counseling, these students can breathe easier and make the choice to return to learn.


You can be part of that solution.




Up to $300 of your cash gift to Texans Can Academies is deductible on your 2020 tax return when you take a standard (non-itemized) deduction.


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