About Us

Why Texans Can?

Because you can do it. We’ve made sure of that.





TEA Rating

B (83)


When you have time, you can do it. 

Choose from a flexible four-hour or six-hour schedule. Start at 9, 10, or 11. Be done as early as 2 or 3, or stay as long as 4. Time is on your side at Texans Can.


When you’re safe, you can do it.

A Campus Safety Coordinator program, together with security provided by Allied Universal, ensures that Texans Can remains a safe place to learn.

Mental Health Support

When you have support, you can do it.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support provides evidence-based mental and behavioral health resources so students can experience wellness and thrive.


When you have a future, you can do it.

Getting job-ready skills in high school is a great way to bring the future right to your door. Texans Can’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, which include industry-based certifications, are here … and expanding.

You can.