Texans Can Academies (TCA) is an open enrollment charter school district with 13 high school campuses across 5 Texas cities—Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. TCA prides itself in being a student centered environment that meets the needs of our diverse student body. Students choose to attend TCA for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, an individualized and customized learning experience, flexible scheduling options, accelerated learning, career and technical education, and credit recovery. We continue to expand program options and create a variety of non-traditional learning opportunities that facilitate the academic and long term success of our students. It is our ultimate goal to supply each student with the skills necessary to thrive beyond the classroom and we are committed to ensuring that every student will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary success!

Texas Education Agency Rating: B

To date, more than 26,000 people are Texans Can graduates.



Dallas Can Academy begins as a program of nonprofit Freedom Ministries to provide remedial education to youth in the juvenile justice system


Services broaden to welcome youth who dropped out of high school


The school is incorporated as Texans Can Academies.


Texans Can receives a formal state charter to offer dropout-recovery services.


4,000 students served statewide at 13 campuses.