Welcome to San Antonio!

Kimberley Hutchinson

Principal's Message

Welcome to Texans Can Academies – San Antonio! 

My name is Kymberley Hutchinson, and it is my privilege to serve you as principal. 

I’m in education because I am eager to see more students obtain an education that serves them and their families. As principal, I enjoy encouraging my teachers as they create a welcome place for learning. You learn, they learn, we all learn. We learn about each other, we learn how we can help one another reach our goals, and we learn what gets us ready for tomorrow.

Finally, let me say that...Read More

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Campus Information

Phone: 210.923.1226
Fax: 210.928.3366

Location: 1807 Centennial Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78211

Kymberley Hutchinson

Guidance & Counseling

24-25 School Calendar

Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an educational program that is centered on providing students with hands-on, skills focused learning opportunities that will prepare them for their transition to the next level of education and/or workforce entry.

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