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Texans Can Academies - Counseling Helps - Try it!

Texans Can Academies – Counseling Helps – Try it!

May 22, 2019

Sometimes we think, “I don’t need counseling. I can fix it myself.” Others may believe, “I’m not broken enough to get counseling.” Still others may say, “It’s a waste of time to talk about my problems or my childhood.”

Research cited by the American Counseling Association clearly shows the good that happens for students who take advantage of school counseling. These findings suggest that working together with a trained professional can help students discover more deeply the values of learning and set goals that will lead to their success.

At Texans Can Academies, we are committed to graduating thinkers and ensuring students have all the information and tools they need to go on to college or a career—and succeed. To make sure even more students achieve their goals, Texans Can has adopted the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute’s Roadmap and Toolkit for Schools (2018) and put a system of specially targeted supports in place to assist students who need extra help with their mental and behavioral health.

Many times, some of our students deal with pressures that can feel overwhelming—homelessness, parenting, hunger, money problems, and dysfunctional relationships—all of which are especially hard for teens like them to bear. Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders often follow and get in the way of their learning. Sometimes, students may struggle with mental illness they brought with them as they enrolled; they may or may not be on medications for them. Without treatment, mental issues like these make it all the more likely that students will miss school, fail to graduate on time, or even drop out. They also disrupt the learning environment for other students.

To improve these situations, the cornerstone of our 24/7 Mental Health model builds on partnerships with community mental health services, targeting not only the immediate issues, but also the psychological and social factors that come with them. Our support staff are trained to recognize and respond to our students’ needs and to put them and their families in touch with those who can help them the most—and as quickly as possible. We want nothing to get in the way of our students’ learning.

Our 24/7 Mental Health Model offers professional-standard prevention treatment at three levels or “tiers.” Primary prevention (Tier 1) services are offered to all students and address risky behaviors or mental health problems early on. Secondary prevention (Tier 2) services are provided to students whose mental health and behaviors are more pronounced; they work well for students who have preexisting mental or behavioral problems or even who have just begun to show them. Tertiary prevention (Tier 3) services are provided for students whose mental and behavioral issues are more severe. At Tier 3, stabilizing mental health issues is the goal.

Tier 1 Universal Services: 24/7 Student Assistance Program – Crisis and Counseling Hotline

Texans Can Academies offers a free 24/7 crisis and counseling service for all students year round. This confidential hotline offers counseling from licensed clinicians who can help students cope with problems affecting their school or personal lives. Both students and parents may access services at our hotline (866.849.1687) or via our website at:

Executive Director of Student Services, Dr. Jose Luis Torres

If you need more information about our mental health services model or our Student Assistance Program, please contact Dr. Jose Luis Torres, Executive Director – Student Services at

Try it! Counseling helps.










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