Antonio Soto


Antonio Soto is the current Director of Business Development at deNovo Health & Aesthetics. While he has transitioned through several titles, he has been at deNovo for over 13 years.

Mr. Soto began his career in banking services while earning his B.S. in Administration with a Concentration in International Trade. Later Mr. Soto transitioned to pharmaceutical sales for Bristol Myers Squibb – Mexico.

Mr. Soto decided to move to the United States and shortly thereafter began his M.B.A. in Healthcare Management. As a senior member of the management team at deNovo, Mr. Soto has been successful at generating multiple revenue streams for the business. His efforts contributed substantially to the steady year-over-year growth of the company. Due to this direction and growth of the company, they are currently expanding to additional locations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

With a proven passion for business and management Mr. Soto has demonstrated leadership in recruitment, training, process development and staff management based upon the company’s specific needs. By planning, creating and effectively implementing innovative marketing campaigns, Mr. Soto enhances the acquisition of new clients while maintaining a high rate of patient retention and satisfaction.

Mr. Soto also maintains a separate consulting practice where he assists other medical offices with development of their business and strategic marketing efforts.

In addition to all his business interests, Mr. Soto is an avid enthusiast in personal fitness development in which he also holds a degree as Nutritional Specialist and Personal Fitness Coach.