Christian's Story

Christian in a suit smiling for the camera

For a month, Christian and his father slept behind dumpsters. They got back on their feet, but not before Christian fell behind in school and was told he would have to repeat his junior year. He came to Texans Can to recover credits.

When he learned that Texans Can required uniforms, this felt like another obstacle. He could not afford new clothes, and he had been bullied at another school over his clothes before. 

Christian and his father, ready to walk away, were relieved to hear that special funds had been set aside for uniforms for such situations. The principal treated them to lunch the same day and made them feel welcome. More resources were available throughout the year at the school’s food market. When the time came, he took advantage of the GI Bill and a scholarship made possible by donors and enrolled in college.

Christian graduated from Texans Can in 2019.