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Nicole Head

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Jarissa Dotson

Coordinator | Dallas/Fort Worth 214.944.1985

Martin Donald

Coordinator | Houston 281.236.8982

Julie Eddards

Coordinator | Austin/San Antonio 210.607.9720

What is Work-Based Learning?

Work‐Based Learning (WBL) provides students with opportunities to learn technical, academic, and employability skills by working in a real work environment. WBL prepares students for their future careers and is a part of a high-quality CTE program.

Qualified students perform work-based training experiences through coordinated classroom courses of study in practicums and career preparation. In WBL, the company and school are responsible for providing the student with opportunities for training in the basic skills of the occupation and knowledge of related technical information. In order to provide a systematic plan for well-rounded training, a schedule of work-based training experiences and a parallel classroom course of study have been coordinated by the training site sponsor and CTE teacher.

Students interested in pursuing work-based learning experiences should talk to their high school counselor or CTE teacher.