Two innovative programs are applied to address low reading scores and special education needs.


Texans Can Academies utilizes a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) aligned curriculum. We also offer Credit Recovery which is an effective and proven way to help students earn high school credits in courses they missed or did not pass the first time around.

Credit recovery courses are self-contained with independent study units designed to supplement the school’s existing curriculum. In addition, two innovative programs are applied to address low reading scores and special education needs:




Cognitive Development Through Reading Across the Curriculum is a proprietary program that focuses on increasing reading fluency, thinking through text-based material, and writing in response to reading.

This innovative program was developed by the President of Texans Can Academies, Mr. Richard Marquez and has been utilized at all campuses since 2007. The process was designed to address the 13 most tested skills across all standardized exams and is integrated into the classroom instruction of all Texans Can Academies campuses every day. Known by staff and students as “Marquez Reading”, it is a foundational building block for the Texans Can process for teaching.


Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment was developed by Dr. Reuven Feuerstein and used with global success in both education and industry. This process uses the mediated learning experience to strengthen deficient cognitive functions and move the student from a state where the acquisition and mastery of academic content was previously difficult, to a state of being a learner who is more capable of successfully engaging rigorous and truly challenging academic content characterized by the following five goals:

  1. The development of efficient, flexible and adaptive cognitive behaviors
  2. The creation of a schema of universal academic concepts and vocabulary
  3. The development of intrinsic motivation for learning and problem solving
  4. The creation of extensive capacity for reflective thinking
  5. The transformation of learners from passive recipients to active generators of information
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