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At age sixteen Kimberly lost her dad unexpectedly. It was absolutely devastating. She was emotionally paralyzed for an entire year. One day as she thought about her dad, it hit her that he wouldn’t want her sitting around doing nothing. She tried to go back to school, but when she went to re-enroll they had no idea what to do with her. She was a year behind and was dyslexic which made catching up that much more difficult. When they concluded that she wouldn’t graduate until she was twenty-one, she wasn’t willing to accept that.

Kimberly had friends who had attended Dallas Can Academy. She knew they had smaller classes that made learning easier and she knew they had an accelerated program. This might mean she could graduate before she turned twenty-one. “I finally convinced my mom to let me and my brother come here. I realized my friends wouldn’t carry me through life, but education would, “she said. Kimberly’s entire family sacrificed for her and her brother to come to Dallas Can Academy. They had one car for nine people and getting Kim and her brother to school was everyone’s number one priority.

Kimberly attended afternoon classes, evening classes and did classes on-line. That meant she did two years worth of work in one year. Kimberly confessed, “I never imagined that a school could help me so much. I understand what I’m learning and they care so much about me as a person.” At the same time that Kimberly was going to school, she was working in a manufacturing plant cutting tiles. When she saw how the other employees lived, she realized she wanted more out of life. It was the teachers and advisors at Dallas Can Academy who made her believe she could achieve more in life.

Kimberly is graduating this year at age nineteen. She’s going on to college and wants to become a speech pathologist. Several years ago, Kimberly was going to enlist in the Navy and considered that an easy out. When she came to Dallas Can Academy, she started to believe in herself and discovered that with a good education, her options were endless.


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