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Lillith’s parents were never married, and neither one of them was in a position to assume responsibility for her. Her dad’s parents raised her, and they are the only parents she has ever known. She is happy, outspoken, and has a bright sense of humor. Her grandfather is stern which comes from the time he spent in the Air Force. She admits that since she is grandpa’s little girl, she gets away with stuff.

From the time she was a young child, Lillith did well in school and was passionate about music and sports. She played the clarinet, guitar, and piano. She also kept busy with soccer, softball, and swimming. From age ten to thirteen, Lillith lived with her dad in Iowa. They just wanted to give it a try, but she was homesick so she came back to live with her grandparents.

When Lillith came back to San Antonio, she returned to the public high school. In addition to being overcrowded with nearly forty kids per class, the teachers covered the material much too quickly and there was no one-on-one assistance offered. Lillith tried to live with her mom for about a year, but said, “My mom is a bit crazy. Last time I saw her she kicked me out of the house at three in the morning and I returned to my grandparents. But on a positive note, mom found San Antonio Can High School for me.” The school helped her catch up and the shorter day enabled her to have a job after school.

When Lillith first came to San Antonio Can High School, she didn’t like having to wear a uniform but she put up with it. She said, “The school was strict but the teachers weren’t mean. Even though I had never been in trouble like many of the other students, I still wanted to come here for a better education.” Lillith also liked the diversity at this school. She likes that all her friends are very different. She loves the teachers and the small class sizes. According to Lillith, there is no place for enemies at San Antonio Can High School, so there are no fights and there is no drama.

She had this to say to prospective students, “You might not like the uniforms, but you will like the school. It’s not for slackers. If you do your work you will get through it and enjoy it.” After graduating, Lillith is going to work to earn money and then go to college to become a coroner. Hopefully she’ll continue to play her music on the side. She is very talented.


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