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As you talk to Theo you can see his mind at work. This young man has always focused on being successful and he has a plan. His drive and enthusiasm may, in part, be because he is the oldest in his family. He is eighteen and lives on his own but he visits his parents from time to time.

Theo’s mom always felt education was important. She didn’t finish school, but she still wants to go back to get her diploma. In high school, Theo did well academically. He was on the varsity football team and basketball team. In addition, he was passionate about boxing and music. Theo started boxing when he was seven and has had entertainment contracts as a rap artist for several years.

If Theo never had any problems with school, why did he come to Houston Can Academy? The answer is simple; he was a motivated student who was anxious to get into the real world to earn money. His cousin had told him about the shorter day and accelerated program at Houston Can Academy. He wanted to focus on his education, not the athletic activities, so this school made sense. Theo said, “I’m not going to get paid for playing basketball or football, but my education and music can help me get started in business. I want to be one of those people that come here because I’m smart, not athletic.”

Theo had lots of friends at school. The four-hour day allowed him to go to school in the morning, work in the afternoon and still have time for boxing and music. “There isn’t any wasted time here. Everybody is at Houston Can Academy for the same reason. They want to graduate and get ahead,” he explained. Theo explained that education to him was about listening and learning. “The more words I know, the better my rap will be.”
Theo graduates in six months and has already been accepted to college. He’s going to get his degree in music and business. This will allow him to start his own recording business instead of working for someone else. Everyone at Houston Can Academy appreciates Theo’s talents. Once a month, when there is a “Winner’s Circle” event at the campus, he writes a rap song about the people who are getting awards for excelling or changing. “It’s a great way to give back,” he exclaimed.


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