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San Antonio Can High School Gives Students a Second Chance

San Antonio Can High School Gives Students a Second Chance

August 23, 2017

Most schools are focused on getting students back to class, but San Antonio Can High School is focused on getting students in class, often as a last resort.

It’s a school where students who have aged out, dropped out, or were kicked out of public school are welcome.

“Growing up I was through CPS cases,” said Destiny Donel, a student at S.A. Can High School. “More than seven cases and nobody understood what I’d been through. Nobody understood how I felt or how I would learn.”

That was the case until Donel got to San Antonio Can High School. Students attend for free to earn credits they’re desperately behind on in order to graduate from high school.

Teachers are kicking off the new school year hoping to get currents students and others like them back in school.

“They have a brand new start here,” said Hector Rodriguez, a history teacher at S.A. Can High School. “No matter what has occurred, they can start at whatever level and they will be rewarded for it.”

Rodriguez has taught at the charter school for 13 years, and his students routinely achieve the highest scores in the Texans Can district, which is made up of 13 schools.

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