Why Texans Can Academies - Grant East?

Willisa House Sassa

Welcome to TCA

Greeting students and families!  I’m Mrs. Willisa House Sassa, the proud principal of Texans Can – Grant East Campus.

My hope for this school year is to empower and equip our young ladies and gentlemen with the tools they need to contribute to and improve their ... Read More

Campus Information

Campus Number: (972) 228-4226
Campus Fax: (972) 228-4435

Campus Location: 2901 Morgan Drive, Dallas, TX 75241

College, Career, Military Readiness Opportunities


Because fulfilling destinies is even better than just filling gaps.

Texans Can believes in futures, not pasts. Our students have known multiple barriers on their way to an education. We exist to remove those barriers—and show what lay ahead all along.

Because our students deserve themselves at their best. So do their families. So does their community.