Principal's Message

Zack Cazares

Hi, I’m Zack Cazares, principal of Texans Can – Oak Cliff. 

My hopes for this year are no different from those I’ve cherished in the past twenty-one years I’ve been in education: we will provide students with a learning experience that challenges them, awakens their dreams, and shows them a school atmosphere where they are loved and cared for.

Texans Can – Oak Cliff will continue to challenge and improve each year to provide our students with quality instruction and real-world experiences. We are excited about our new staff this year, with eleven new teachers joining us. We are excited to add pre-calculus and entrepreneur classes in Spring 2023. We are excited to begin CHAMPS, Restorative Discipline, and new procedures that provide students with the skills to self-regulate, problem solve, and have reflective decision-making opportunities. These practices will help both our students and staff feel heard, feel safe, and enjoy a culture of positive relationships.

I subscribe to Team Leadership, a philosophy of empowering and serving individuals at all levels with a voice and opportunities to collaborate, plan, support, and problem solve for success. Teams will be needed: students, families, and the community will be part of the process. Ensuring student success requires support—including yours—at every level. 

So, parents and families, please know: I invite you to the campus. Come get involved. You and I can do much to ensure your child succeeds.