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Texans Can Academies offers a second chance to any students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting.

It is our mission to provide every student the opportunity to pursue their dreams while removing barriers that keep them from attaining their education. From day care services to clothes, eyeglasses, or other basic human needs, we provide solutions for our students.

Our learning methods and nurturing environment empower our students to be lifelong thinkers, ensuring their path to economic independence.

We have a unique network of 13 charter schools across Texas that are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice, welcoming students from all walks of life.

An education from Texans Can Academies transforms students, graduating thinkers that positively impact our community, changing their mentality from surviving to thriving.




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Abraham Mendoza’s former teachers might not recognize him now. The self-described “loudmouth” and “joker” had to cut his long, curly hair for a 40-hour a week job as a production worker at Oak Cliff-based Pecan Deluxe confectionary. Read More



Texans Can Academy Students Learn About the Construction Industry with Austin Bridge & Road

Austin Bridge & Road has partnered with Texans Can Academy to offer students educational seminar sessions about the construction industry throughout the school year. Read More


Our mission is...

To provide the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting, in order to ensure their economic independence.

Our core values are...

  • Student centered decision making.
  • A rigorous curriculum based on reading and thinking skills.
  • Fulfilling every aspect of our mission with a sense of urgency.

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