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Imagine having seven siblings, two parents, and not living with any of them. There isn’t any explanation that would make that all right, but that was Cecilia’s reality. Her mom and dad haven’t been in her life since she was little. Her grandma provided food and shelter for her, but not much more. Her brothers and sisters lived with various family members as she grew up.
But even though they were split up, somehow they managed to see each other. Cecilia kept in touch with them enough to know that they had all dropped out of school, and most of them had children of their own. She always wanted to focus on getting good grades and living a different life, but being disconnected from her family contributed to perpetual sadness and depression.

Cecilia made it through elementary school with no major issues. She liked school, but always had an aura of despair around her. In middle school, she found herself turning to drinking and smoking to mask the sadness. The high she got from these things was only temporary and she yearned for a permanent solution. Cecilia was only in public high school for a week before she decided to leave. The classes were too big, there was too much drama, and lots of fighting. Her brother found San Antonio Can High School through his friends so she and her two brothers decided to enroll there.

“I thought this school would be much worse than the public high school because it was a second chance school, but it was just the opposite. The students kept to themselves, but were perfectly nice,” she said. The teachers and advisors had high expectations for her. She soon decided she had to stop destroying herself with drinking and smoking. She didn’t want to let her teachers down. Her brothers, on the other hand, continued their antics and were kicked out. Cecilia loved the classes at San Antonio Can High School. The teachers made the work fun and it was much easier to learn with fewer students and more one-on-one attention. The teachers and advisors were concerned about her. She tried to keep her home life away from school, but she knew people were there for her if she needed help. She became involved in volleyball and her attendance and grades were great.

When Cecilia went to San Antonio Can High School, she tried to go back to live with her mom, but that was a disaster. Then she went to live with her step-dad, and things started looking up. He always loved her as his own. Cecilia admitted she wished she had gone to live with him a long time ago. “Things are great now though, so that’s all that matters,” she said smiling from ear to ear. Cecilia will be graduating earlier than she anticipated. She plans on going to college to become a teacher or an advisor. She would like to teach at a Can school to help other kids like they helped her. She explained, “That sense of hopelessness that surrounded me for so long disappeared when I came to San Antonio Can High School.”


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