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Login Instructions

Texans Can Academies has set up a Texans Can Google account for each student. The Google account consists of the last six (6) digits of your student ID number and a username, If you do not remember your student ID, it is on your student badge.

If your student ID number on your badge is not 6 digits, please add a ‘0’ (zero) at the beginning of the number to make it 6 digits. Your ID will be as follows:

    • - If your badge shows 123456, your Google account would be:
    • - If your badge shows 12345, your Google account would be:

Your password will be your birthday in MMDDYYYY format.

    • - If your Birthday is 01/11/1991, your password would be 01111991

After you are set up with the Texans Can-provided Google account and login info, you will need access to your Texans Can Gmail account to receive the Google Classroom invitations and notices.

- You will need Internet access to install and use Google Classroom and its components.
- If you are using an iPhone, go to the Apple App Store and install Gmail and setup using your Texans Can account ID and password.
- If using an iPhone, go ahead and install Google Classroom and Google Drive (GDrive) while you are at the App Store. You will need them, as well.
- If you are using an Android phone, you will need to install Google Classroom for the Google Play Store. (Android phones already have the Gmail and GDrive  apps installed) - If using a computer, use your web browser (Chrome is preferred) and go to
- Login using your Texans Can-provided Google account to check your mail for registration info and notices from your teachers.


** If your device has an old browser, it may not support Google Classroom. If that is the case, you will likely be prompted to install Chrome browser. If prompted, please install. If you are not prompted, please manually download and/or install the Chrome browser for your device and try again.



Now you’re ready to use Google Classroom

- If using a Smartphone, use the Google Classroom app you previously set up to see if you have any pending class registration waiting for your acceptance.
- If you do not see a class in your Google Classroom, check your Texans Can e-mail to see if you received a notice. If you did, you can enroll by using the CODE in the e-mail.
- Once you have accepted and joined the class, you are ready to start learning!


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