Texans Can - Austin staff and students thank for Amplify Austin

Amplify Austin Day, the largest giving event in Central Texas, was this March 1-2. Every year in early March, Amplify Austin Day raises millions of dollars for more than 1,000 area nonprofits and engages donors all over the region.

For the past several years, Texans Can - Austin has participated in this giving day. This year, Texans Can - Austin's goal was $8,000 to support its students through emergencies as well as to provide funds to help students prepare for future careers.

Over the past two days, thanks to 23 donors, Texans Can - Austin met and exceeded its goal, receiving $8,160. This means now that Texans Can - Austin has more capacity to help students meet their emergency needs and get prepared for the road ahead.

Texans Can - Austin wants to express its sincerest thanks to all who have given so generously to help our students keep their minds on school and their futures on track.