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San Antonio CAN Senior Receives Much Needed Help

San Antonio CAN Senior Receives Much Needed Help

June 27, 2017

San Antonio CAN High School senior Destiny Donel was recently honored by our advertising partner Elaine Turner, the store manager Marjorie Tiller and their staff at the Alamo Heights, San Antonio location this month.

Donel was one of the speakers at the San Antonio CAN High School Motherhood: The Lifetime Achievement Award luncheon honoring Mary Worth this past May. In her speech, she mentioned a time in her childhood when she had been denied a pair of shoes at a flea market by her stepfather who refused to support her one wish.  He proceeded to turn to his own daughter to offer the pair of shoes to her instead, leaving Donel to wonder why she had been purposely left out. The experience had an understandably negative impact on her, especially with of the challenges she faced within her dysfunctional household on a daily basis.

After learning of that incident, the Elaine Turner staff reached out immediately to recognize Donel by gifting her with a pair of shoes of her choice and a matching handbag in recognition for her strength of character, tenacity, perseverance, and hard work.

In fact, she will be graduating and applying to college this January, beating the odds.

Destiny Donel enthusiastically stated, “San Antonio CAN is the first place I felt like I belonged and that the teachers understood everything I had been through.” The school exists to provide the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting, in order to ensure their economic independence.

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